Hamlin Robinson School brochure

Hamlin Robinson School

In fall 2010, this small, independent school for children with dyslexia and other language-based learning difficulties moved to a new location in the heart of Seattle. The school used this opportunity to reboot its image, and Beans n’ Rice was selected to help develop the new brand and apply it to marketing materials. One key visual element that we wanted the brand to include references a multi-sensory teaching method which  involves the use of sweeping hand strokes, used to write letters in the air.

This technique is called the Slingerland Approach to Language Arts and is used to teach children with language learning challenges.

We introduced imagery that visually represented this gesture and incorporated it into a larger brand scheme that is used it on a wide range of marketing materials including brochures, business stationery, web design, signage, posters and banners.


The gate fold brochure is over-sized, allowing space for lots of program content and large photographs.


A second large brochure follows the same format and style, creating a strong set supporting the school’s fundraising and administration efforts.


The gate-fold allows creates a dramatic introduction to brochure content.


Both brochure features large photography, big swaths of color and the swoosh background pattern that runs throughout the design.


The folder emphasizes the school’s tagline, “where learning has no limits”.


The back of the folder highlights the school’s new Seattle address.