The Mountaineers 2017 Annual Report

I was beyond thrilled to work once again with The Mountaineers on their 2017 annual report. Using a square shaped page was a refreshing departure from the more typical letter-sized booklet. This format provided ample space for large photos and clean layouts that feature plenty of white space. And speaking of photos, this organization is not at loss for excellent photography. One major perk for this job was browsing their large collection of gorgeous photos. One major hurdle was choosing which photos made the cut. With only a few exceptions, the photos were so on-point, minimal editing was required. However there was one photo that required an element to completely disappear… 

The page 2-3 spread features an epic photo of two climbers looking at a distance peak. The climber on the right is wearing  a bright red helmet that’s decorated with a yellow Buff sticker. The product logo was a bit too much front and center, and needed to be either blurred beyond recognition or ideally removed. This made a for a good opportunity to  exercise my Photoshop skills.

Mountaineers staff provided succinct content, which balanced out page spreads and allowed for lots of clear space. Content includes a good blend of programatic storytelling, Mountaineers Books featured titles, donor, supporters and leadership lists, financials, and infographics that highlight year-end accomplishments.

Scroll down to see all spreads for the 2017 Mountaineer annual report.