PCC Farmland Trust, cardsPCC Farmland Trust

A nonprofit dedicated to saving organic farmland in Washington state, PCC Farmland Trust requires an expansive set of marketing and outreach materials to support its work and connect with a large audience of dedicated volunteers, supporters and participants. The Trust was founded by PCC Natural Markets as a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2009.  Communicating the distinction between the nonprofit and its original parent company is a critical part of the work Beans n’ Rice has done. We’ve been so fortunate to have partnered with the Trust since the beginning, helping it evolve its distinct brand over the years.

 Above: A2 cards showcase more of the rich collection of photography. 

Color postcards

Farm tour postcards are over sized for bigger impact when landing in mail boxes.

PCC Farmland Trust

This flyer is printed on chip board with a perforated tear-away.


This folder showcases some of the gorgeous photography generously donated by volunteer photographers.


The single panel brochures is an cost-effective communication tool.


Color flyers offer ample room for more detailed program information.