The Mountaineers

I was thrilled to work with The Mountaineers, an organization that I have been involved with numerous times as a member and class participant, and have a hand in the look and feel of their Youth Education Brochure.  The youth focused programs at The Mountaineers give young people of all ages  opportunities to find outdoor adventure and learn new skills with their youth, teen, and family programs.  Researching the project, I dug into my copies of Mountaineers hiking guides, all published circa 1970.  I was inspired by the detailed hand-drawn map illustrations of Marge Mueller that accompany each trail description and wanted to pull these maps into the brochure design.

The maps became a rich design element to the page spreads, balancing out the heavy text and bright photographs.  We contacted Marge in order to get permission to use the maps in this way, and The Mountaineers have since continued to use her maps in other outreach and marketing pieces as an extension of their design look and feel.

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