Washington Trails Association

Washington Trails Association or the WTA as it’s most often referred is an important resource in the Pacific Northwest hiking community.  Beyond trip planning and trail reports, the non-profit advocates for wild places, organizes thousands of volunteer hours each year and reports on newsworthy events and information that pertain to the hiking and outdoor community.  We helped them refresh the look and feel of their email marketing campaigns which include three regular newsletters, ‘Trail News’, ‘Green Hats’ and ‘Families Go Hiking’, with topics aimed towards hikers, volunteers and families, as well as email campaigns that serve a range of purposes; from advocacy to fundraising, news and events.  It is such a treat to work with one of our most favorite non-profits in the state!

The ‘Trails News’ newsletter is distributed to a large subscriber list each month.  It provides reoccurring content, such as seasonal hike highlights, gear information, news and events.  We templatized various content regions to help simplify updates for subsequent mailings.  Photos were given more dominant space and content was kept to a minimum. The layout was reduced to one column to keep reading and scrolling nice and easy. The newsletter is mobile friendly and the one column layout helped with this effort. ‘Trail News’ is rebranded with different colors and headers for the volunteer and family oriented newsletters, helping to maintain a matching set of emails.

wta_enews01 wta_enews02 wta_enews03