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Ariel view of Boldly Grown Farm with logo

Located in Washington’s Skagit Valley, Boldly Grown Farm is passionate about providing healthy, high-quality, organic produce. Through hard work and innovation, they grow food efficiently and sustainably while supporting their family and serving the needs of their local community and the broader Pacific Northwest.

We partnered with this hard working team to develop a logo and brand that would support their growing farm business. The logo depicts the fertile Skagit Valley that is home to Boldly Grown. Looking east, the Cascade Mountain range can be seen from most vantage points.

Boldly Grown Farm logo designed by Beans n' Rice

With help from Carkeek Studios, we designed and developed a website for the farm business that promotes their winter CSA program, year-round farm stand, and wholesale operations and further promotes their brand with a broader audience.

Interact and scroll with the live website below

Other projects for print include single panel brochures or radicchio recipe cards, advertisements and merch.

Boldly Grown Farm series of recipe cards
Boldly Grown Farm square ad
Boldly Grown Farm square ad
Boldly Grown Farm vertical rectangle ad
Boldly Grown Farm landscape rectangle ad
Boldly Grown Farm ad
Our Client the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center

The Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center (NWAC) is a non-profit weather forecasting center focusing primarily on weather conditions that can lead to avalanches in the Pacific Northwest. Its twice daily forecasts are a critical resource for recreational and professional users of mountains in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2023, we created swag to help support NWACs membership drive. The hat, tshirt and sweatshirt are offered as gifts for various membership tiers.

All images except lower left courtesy of NWAC.

Two concepts were submitted for the tshirt and sweatshirt, internally identified as “Tools of the Trade” and “Snow Science”. “The first “Tools of the Trade,” is a grid of nine different tools that a NWAC forecaster or a recreationists might bring with them on a winter snow tour. The second, “Snow Science” was ultimately chosen and is also a grid of grains of snow if various states of decomposition/metamorphosis.

Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center winter mountain sketch

A different concept was chosen for a hat and stickers. This one shows a wintery scene in the Pacific Northwest.

Both chosen concepts underwent revisions and refinements. A few of the grains of snow were replaced and the winter scene ultimately did away with the volcanic mountain and ski tracks in order to appeal to all types of recreationists all over Washington state.

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Galvanize Action

Carkeek Studios and Beans n’ Rice partnered to design and develop a trio of websites who work to sustain a healthy democracy by engaging with women voters as well as key partners across the country in an effort to support an America that works for everyone. 

We were initially contracted to build two websites that live under the same brand umbrella but promote unique messaging. Although they appeal to different audiences, these organizations are affiliated. So the websites needed to be autonomous while at the same time making it clear that that they are related.

Galvanize USA is non-partisan and needs to tell the story behind the effort of supporting women to use their civic power to create an America that works for all of us. The site engages with foundations and donors as well as women interested in joining their community. The tone and voice is warm and personal and looks at topics with a larger lens.

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Galvanize Action appeals to an audience who is interested in taking action. Their mission is to identify, reach, and move moderate women in battleground states to reliably vote for progress. This site positions them as experts and provides space to share data and materials and form partnerships.

Interact and scroll with the live website below

Both websites shared similar goals in growing supporters via sign-ups, contact forms and donations and connecting with their audiences via blog posts and news updates. We helped find photography that is representative of their total audience without looking like it was sourced from stock.

This was a fantastic partnership that was efficient in launching both sites within a year and resulted in a third website, The Art and Science of Persuasion Playbook. The Playbook is a digital toolkit for ally organizations to use in their efforts to combat disinformation and advance progress on a range of issues. It engages users more through interaction rather than storytelling and provides a baseline of content like neuroscience concepts, videos and ads organized by topics that most people can see. Email sign up prompts unlock users to log in to reveal more content while collecting stats. 

Interact and scroll with the live website below

The navigation is organized into two menus to let people find content a number of different ways. Branding elements were borrowed from the other two sites but designed so that the Playbook looks unique and not simply a third iteration of the original sites. Flexible page templates support content that’s generated by third party apps that are seamlessly integrated by in-house staff.
A certain amount of content is generated from partners and this content is displayed using third party brand elements to distinguish it from the site while maintaining an integrated look and feel.

All three websites were built with a custom WordPress theme that allow for easy in-house updates.

Developed by: Carkeek Studios

Local Hens custom illustration and egg carton packaging

Local Hens helps small farms across the US promote their home-grown goods to an online market. It is a place where consumers can find fresh food straight from their local farm stands, outdoor markets, CSAs, and restaurants.

Local Hens commissioned me to design an egg carton marketed to small farms and egg producers who want to promote their products but don’t want to spend lots of money on custom packaging of their own. The packaging needed to stand out in the dairy aisle when stacked alongside other egg cartons. This inspired farm and food themed custom illustration which helps to makes the design one of a kind.

Local farms who use the carton need space on the exterior of the egg carton where they can feature their name. Blank space is strategically included in the design so that small farms can add their name and URL. A QR code loads a web page on Local Hen’s website where you can search for the name of the farm that sourced the eggs and learn more about them.

Local Hens promotes food growers and producers who grow and make things other than eggs, so we wanted the package to be inclusive of these different products. The inside of the carton talks more broadly of Local Hen’s mission and includes illustration of other types of farm grown and raised products.

The hen that’s featured on the front of the carton was inspired by a former hen of mine who’s photo shows up on the Local Hens website.

Tilth Alliance website design

Tilth Alliance works in community with Washington farmers, gardeners and eaters to build a sustainable, healthy and equitable food future. I’ve been fortunate to maintain a longtime partnership with this non-profit that’s dedicated to building a better food future.

Tilth Alliance was created in 2016 from the merger of Tilth Producers, Cascade Harvest Coalition and Seattle Tilth. Their mission, vision and scope of work has evolved along with the organization, however their website remained firmly planted in the 2000s. Working alongside Carkeek Studios, we were designed and developed a new website that promotes Tilth Alliance’s brand, tell their story, and supports their goal of building a better food future by engaging a larger online audience. Read more about requirements and features for this site below the live demo.

Project Details

Tilth Alliance has a wide range of programs and audiences and as an organization, it engages with these audiences in many different ways. We spent a lot of time dialing in the site architecture so that content can be navigated easily and discovered without a lot of digging around.

Functionality-wise, the site provides filterable class listings and youth programs with pricing tiers and online registration. In addition, you can make a donation, sign up as a volunteer, or purchase books, garden supplies or gift certificates (and apply those gift certificates to class registrations).

The website supports programs within the organization and directly engages with many staff members. Information that is collected through class registration and online sales integrates with Salesforce.

The website also became much more user-friendly and visually engaging. We designed custom web pages that support a wide range of content with an end goal of usability and readability. The Tilth Alliance brand is infused throughout the site and helps to solidify how they present themselves to their audience.

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Developed by: Carkeek Studios

Functional Requirements

  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Filterable class listing with online registration and multi-tiered pricing options
  • Ecommerce/payment processing for single and recurring donationsplus online store
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Mailchimp newsletter sign-up
  • Blog/resource library
  • Administration screens that allows for easy in-house updates

Custom Icons

Tilth Alliance custom icons

I illustrated a set of farm and food growing themed icons to use on the website that would round out text and photography. Icons were prepared for print use as well so that the organization can get more mileage with them.

Genuine Skagit Valley

The Genuine Skagit Valley program is designed to increase consumer awareness and consumption of Skagit Valley agricultural related products and services. In the same way that Napa Valley is considered one of the premier international wine regions, Genuine Skagit Valley works to promote the distinctive farm-raised flavors, culture, and heritage of the Skagit Valley to the region and the world.

Interact and scroll with the live website below

Project Details

We were commissioned to build a site for Genuine Skagit Valley (GSV) that would engage with their primary audiences: growers and producers working within the Skagit Valley who are looking to promote their business, and consumers who want to learn more about local businesses and gain access to their products and services. Growers and producers are able to learn about program benefits and sign up and create unique user accounts. Consumers can find local businesses on a map or read about featured members and seasonal promotions. The website extends the GSV brand and offers a a visually unique online destination. It’s always helpful when we get to work with beautiful photography and the site is rich with that. The website allows for easy in-house maintenance for staff. We continue to work with GSV and provide on-going support.

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Developed by: Carkeek Studios

Functional Requirements

  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Responsive web pages
  • User sign up and account management
  • Mailchimp newsletter sign-up
  • Custom map
  • Administration screens that allows for easy in-house updates
  • Blog
  • Ecommerce/payment processing for online store and donation form

Stride Physio is a woman-owned physical therapy clinic in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. Their goal is to help their clients move forward in their health and performance. I designed a new logo for the clinic that reflects this idea of forward momentum and that would establish a fresh approach to their brand look and feel with an expanded color palette.

Circular variations of the logo expand what we can do with the brand and make nice design options for badges, stickers and merchandise.

Business card design

Square business cards come in a variety of colors.

Washington Trails Association

Washington Trails Association (WTA) mobilizes hikers and everyone who loves the outdoors to explore, steward and champion trails and public lands. As someone who gets outside regularly, I see the impact of their work every time I step foot on a trail. It was so fun to be able to help them refresh the look and feel of their email newsletters.

I helped to design a series of mobile friendly email newsletters aimed towards different audiences and mailings lists.

The ‘Trail News’ newsletter is distributed to a large subscriber list each month.  It provides reoccurring content, such as seasonal hikes, gear reviews and news and events. 

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‘Families Go Hiking’ is distributed monthly to WTAs mailing list that focuses on family outdoor activities.  This newsletter is similar in design to the Trails newsletter but uses a different color palette to help distinguish it.

The ‘Green Hat’ newsletter is sent to WTAs large volunteer base. 


I worked with Starbucks Global Digital Marketing team and helped produce email newsletters, custom illustrations and graphics for their websites and social channels.

The modular design for the email templates allows us to easily customize each newsletter for to showcase different products, promotions and news items.

Starbucks eNewsletter
Starbucks eNewsletters
Starbucks eNewsletter

Animals abound in the I-90 corridor east of Seattle and throughout the Cascade range. Wildlife bridges creates safe passage across I-90 and helps to create habitat corridors. This illustration and branding project was of course fun, but also introduced me to so many new species of local animals!