Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

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The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust (MTS) believes that when we are connected with nature, our lives are better. We are healthier and happier, and our communities are stronger, more equitable, and more economically competitive. Our website for MTS was our highest-functioning site to date. Features include an interactive map that uses filters and adjustable base layers to explore the Snoqualmie Valley region, a calendar of events that allows for online registration, volunteer events and sign-ups, and online donations. The most complex piece of this site is feeding each of these rich features with content that lives on Salesforce and other databases.

In the Mountains to Sound Greenway there are thousands of things to do throughout the year. From outdoor recreation and farmers markets to festivals and family-friendly events. The website needed to facilitate different avenues to connect users with different features and events.

The interactive map showcases top picks of places to visit in the Greenway, including hikes, bike rides, farmers markets, heritage opportunities, and more. The events calendar helps to filter and search hundreds of things to see and do year-round.

The MTS encompasses 1.5 million acres of public and private land, stretching from the shores of Seattle, through communities, farms, and forest to the crest of the Cascade mountain and then out to Central Washington’s fields and pine forests. The website has a large educational component that helps tell the story of the work that this organization gets done. Priority areas explain what’s being done in focus regions in the Greenway and these pages cross reference and display relevant blog posts and events that pertain to these areas. They also contain mini-maps that highlight events and important places in these regions.

In addition to all of this, volunteer work is another huge part of the work done by MTS. The volunteer pages need to highlight the many, year-round volunteer events  and allow for online registration.

Volunteer data, online donations, the event calendar, email sign-ups, and map locations are just some of the data types that live on Salesforce and outside databases that feed content to the site. We worked closely with MTS staff at mapping out requirements for the site and aligning work timelines with outside vendors.

Patty O’Hara is the mastermind behind the site’s functionality (along with all the other websites that we showcase on this site). She developed the custom WordPress theme and worked with various players on  implementing all of these features.