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The Barn Raiser

A traditional “Barn Raising” is a collective action in which the movement for local farmland is built by members of the community. The Barn Raiser is a celebration and fund raiser for PCC Farmland Trust. 2017 was the inaugural year for this festive event which took place at the Westland Distillery and helped raise money to support Northwest farmland.

The Crop

The Crop

The Crop is the monthly e-newsletter published by PCC Farmland Trust that helps their mailing list keep up to date with all the happenings going on with the organization. I’ve helped out with rebranding this publication as well as on the email newsletter design and set up.

Telegraph Farm

Telegraph Farms

This family run farm nestled in between Olympia and Portland is a place near and dear to us. We wanted to develop a symbol that includes members of the farm family. We were also specifically asked to include the landmark oak tree overlooks the property – a great idea and one we happily met.

Army Navy Surplus

Federal Army & Navy Surplus

We like this spec logo for its traditional representation of a classic retail industry.  The logo features (what else?) patriotic stars and stripes in an insignia-shaped lockup.