Savor Snoqualmie Valley

Savor Snoqualmie Valley

Savor Snoqualmie Valley

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Go explore the Snoqualmie Valley! The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust commissioned us to build a new website that showcases all that the Snoqualmie Valley has to offer. Savor Snoqualmie Valley is a highly interactive, user focused website that provides three main ways for visitors to connect with the Snoqualmie Valley through an interactive map, a calendar of events, and custom itineraries.  Whether you’re planning your visit to the Valley from home or on the go, the website is a tool that connects people with truly unique trip experiences like the Twin Peaks tour, the Medieval Village, the NW Railway Museum, Brickyard Brewery, The Grange Cafe, The Snoqualmie Valley Trail and, and…  Read on to learn more about our process.

Savor Snoqualmie Valley is one of those rare projects that comes with an extremely well thought out plan of attack.  The smart folks at Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust already had an idea in mind for how to organize content and interact with visitors.

The plan included a three way portal for funneling users on the website and providing relevant content.  Users could explore the valley using an interactive map with categories that allow users to narrow in on activities of interest.  We created a custom set of icons to represent destination types on the ArcGIS powered map.  The CMS allows for easy creation of new locations so map content can continue to grow.

There would also be an extensive calendar of events, also filtered by categories as well as dates.  We added a form that would allow visitors to the site to submit events that would be curated by staff.  Events can easily be exported to calendars and shared on social media.

An finally, the site features itineraries that are truly unique to this region.  Take a local foods and farm tour and get to know the seasonal fruit stands and restaurants offering farm to table fare.  Or travel back in time and visit the Railway Museum.  There are trips here for all types of outings.  Itineraries feature relevant events and vice versa. They feature a step by step guide to your day of events as well as a link to the map that pre-populates with detonations unique to that itinerary.  You can ‘get’ the itinerary to consolidate all of this content to one highly responsive web page that travels handily with you on your phone when you’re on the go.

And to our delight, Savor Snoqualmie Valley came with a strong and playful brand that helped us to craft the look and feel of the website.  With fonts, colors and a logo, as well as evocative, eye-popping photography, putting together a user interface that is visually memorable while delivering easy to read pages was a no-brainer.

We love the initiative behind one of our favorite places to explore and get lost.  The Snoqualmie Valley brings thousands of visitors each year, predominantly for recreational pursuits.  This project aims to inform those visitors of the rich variety of destinations this region has to offer which in turn boosts the local economy; a win win!