Epiphany School

Epiphany School

Epiphany School is an independent, non-parochial school serving Pre-K through Fifth Grade. I started working with Epiphany School in 2015 on a wide range of marketing and communication pieces where I was immediately able to help expand their brand look and feel.

Update is Epiphany School’s  biannual magazine which features 20+ pages of news, events, education programing, and once a year, their annual report. It is an opportunity for the school to connect with their large alumni audience and to reach new perspective families.  

Below are some featured spreads from various issues.

The Annual Fund provides the school with essential funds that allow them to stay nimble and keep innovating while remaining steadfast to the school’s vision, mission, and values. Often branded as unique campaigns, materials typically include posters, brochures and mailers.

Annual Fund brochures get mailed to families and include a tear-away donation form, revealed when the 3-panel brochure is fully opened.

It was a pretty fun experience to see my designs drive by on the side of Metro buses. The bus wraps served as a promotion for an open house event. We came up with a series of three designs that feature different kids and different components of the schools mission.

This 28 pages booklet measuring 9 x 7.25″ gives a comprehensive glimpse into a day in the life of a third grade student at Epiphany School. A built-in folder on the back cover provides room for additional materials like inserts, mailers and small booklets.