Washington's National Park Fund Photo: Lee Scheinbeim

Washington’s National Park Fund

When your client is all about supporting Washington’s three largest National Parks, Mount Rainier, Olympic and North Cascades, the work is not only important, but deeply gratifying.

The invitation for the 2020 Spring Dinner and Auction introduces the visual theme for the event, inspired by the 650 year old Douglas Fir slab that’s on display at the Port Angles Visitors Center inside the Olympic National Park.
The 2020 Spring Dinner and Auction invitation’s roll-fold progression. Lifting the cover reveals the forest panel. The open invitation reveals 3 interior panels.

Below: Large signage, featuring brand colors, typography and illustration, help to direct guests.

When you begin a working relationship with a new client, it helps to inherit a strong brand, which I was fortunate to do when I started partnering with Washington’s National Parks Fund (WNPF). Part of my job was to implement their core brand attributes across all channels of design, marketing and communications for print and web.

Wish you were here! These fundraising letters don’t just look like postcards, they become self mailers thanks to a perforated edge. And each card has a unique Park fact on the mailing side. The bottom panel includes a donation form and is also designed to become its own separated panel which tucks nicely into a return envelope.

A pica makes compelling subject matter for a fundraising insert. Hip hip hooray! The 3 cheers for the park mailer combines new and old core brand illustration. The Parks Project booklet showcases one of WNPFs strongest brand assets. Landscape photography is a staple element for this client and has benefits of making the work easy and fun.

I love maps. I love their detail and their left brained, birds-eye approach to understanding massive landscapes. I love that they present routes heading off in every direction. With this in mind, maps (and more specifically, maps of Mount Rainier) seemed an appropriate visual inspiration for the 2019 Spring Dinner and Auction, themed ‘Personal Experiences.’

The partially opened invitation exposes a view of Mount Rainier with trails expanding up and over the landscape.

The 2019 Spring Dinner and Auction invitation cover establishes the visual theme of superimposing trail maps from Mount Rainier National Park over solid color backgrounds and photos. Event signage repeats this theme. The open invitation reveals a 3-panel interior.

I worked to expand WNPFs brand by concepting and executing multi-channel campaigns and designing campaigns specific elements, including logos and custom illustration, that would be applied to all outreach materials. Building off a solid foundation, the goal is never to replace brand but rather broaden it.

I designed these logos based on familiar brand elements. They are unique to the programs they represent but also share a strong visual resemblance to the master brand.

I designed an infographic for the strategic plan using fairly simple shapes that would allow for more text and visually focus content into 4 priority areas.