Glass Art Society

Glass Art Society

The Glass Art Society encourages excellence, education, development and appreciate of the glass arts and supports a worldwide community of artists who work with glass. Each year, the Glass Art Society brings together an international community of glass artists and enthusiasts for a multi-day conference featuring glass art from every discipline. Each conference is promoted with an invitation and supported throughout with a comprehensive program booklet. Members receive a catalogue that highlights the event the year following.

The Journal for the 2019 event held in Murano Italy contains over 140 pages of conference stories and highlights.

Managing content is an important piece to this job with words and text being generated by many different sources. Photos that vary in quality and size require quality control. Spreads need to be designed for flexibility to accommodate stories of varying and word-count. The final piece is perfect bound, featuring primarily black and white spreads.

The 2019 Glass Arts Conference held in St. Petersburg Florida required a trifold pre-conference brochure and a 70 page, perfect bound booklet for use during the event. The Journal, published after the event, features 120 perfect bound color pages.

Color spreads in the 2019 Journal enhance the visual appeal and do a much better job at supporting artist work

A self-mailer brochure for the 2020 GAS Conference opens to a 4-panel fold out containing conference schedule additional information. The back of the piece is a commemorative poster.