Eat Local First

The Eat Local First Collaborative is made up of regional partner organizations from around Washington state that are working together to merge different online farm finder tools into a single easy-to-use platform. This tool, the Washington Food and Farm Finder, connects people with local food growers and producers.

Carkeek Studios and I were brought on board to help improve the user experience for the Food Finder. The main functional feature is an interactive map that shows locations of food producres and growers. Filters can be used to streamline search results. Read more about requirements and features for this site below.

Project Details

When we inherited this project, the geo-location based map was based on a smaller region, encompassing only a couple of counties. The current map searches all of Washington State. This map is fairly sophisticated, with lots of ways to search for food in order to better meet the needs of different users. The UI had to create very clear text hierarchy so that the user could follow along with their progression, as they flip between filters and different map views. The map has to perform well on phones as this often is how a user on-the-go interfaces with the Food Finder.

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Developed by: Carkeek Studios

Functional Requirements

  • Location based search with results sorted by distance
  • Custom Pin/group indicators that vary by category
  • Pin popups link to a full templated pages
  • Complex list of filters, organized by categories
  • Full content search by keyword
  • Toggle between list view and map view
  • Search results updated instantaneously with filter assignments
  • Responsive web design