Local Hens custom illustration and egg carton packaging

Local Hens Egg Packaging

Local Hens helps small farms across the US promote their home-grown goods to an online market. It is a place where consumers can find fresh food straight from their local farm stands, outdoor markets, CSAs, and restaurants.

Local Hens commissioned me to design an egg carton marketed to small farms and egg producers who want to promote their products but don’t want to spend lots of money on custom packaging of their own. The packaging needed to stand out in the dairy aisle when stacked alongside other egg cartons. This inspired farm and food themed custom illustration which helps to makes the design one of a kind.

Local farms who use the carton need space on the exterior of the egg carton where they can feature their name. Blank space is strategically included in the design so that small farms can add their name and URL. A QR code loads a web page on Local Hen’s website where you can search for the name of the farm that sourced the eggs and learn more about them.

Local Hens promotes food growers and producers who grow and make things other than eggs, so we wanted the package to be inclusive of these different products. The inside of the carton talks more broadly of Local Hen’s mission and includes illustration of other types of farm grown and raised products.

The hen that’s featured on the front of the carton was inspired by a former hen of mine who’s photo shows up on the Local Hens website.