Galvanize Action


Carkeek Studios and Beans n’ Rice partnered to design and develop a trio of websites who work to sustain a healthy democracy by engaging with women voters as well as key partners across the country in an effort to support an America that works for everyone. 

We were initially contracted to build two websites that live under the same brand umbrella but promote unique messaging. Although they appeal to different audiences, these organizations are affiliated. So the websites needed to be autonomous while at the same time making it clear that that they are related.

Galvanize USA is non-partisan and needs to tell the story behind the effort of supporting women to use their civic power to create an America that works for all of us. The site engages with foundations and donors as well as women interested in joining their community. The tone and voice is warm and personal and looks at topics with a larger lens.

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Galvanize Action appeals to an audience who is interested in taking action. Their mission is to identify, reach, and move moderate women in battleground states to reliably vote for progress. This site positions them as experts and provides space to share data and materials and form partnerships.

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Both websites shared similar goals in growing supporters via sign-ups, contact forms and donations and connecting with their audiences via blog posts and news updates. We helped find photography that is representative of their total audience without looking like it was sourced from stock.

This was a fantastic partnership that was efficient in launching both sites within a year and resulted in a third website, The Art and Science of Persuasion Playbook. The Playbook is a digital toolkit for ally organizations to use in their efforts to combat disinformation and advance progress on a range of issues. It engages users more through interaction rather than storytelling and provides a baseline of content like neuroscience concepts, videos and ads organized by topics that most people can see. Email sign up prompts unlock users to log in to reveal more content while collecting stats. 

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The navigation is organized into two menus to let people find content a number of different ways. Branding elements were borrowed from the other two sites but designed so that the Playbook looks unique and not simply a third iteration of the original sites. Flexible page templates support content that’s generated by third party apps that are seamlessly integrated by in-house staff.
A certain amount of content is generated from partners and this content is displayed using third party brand elements to distinguish it from the site while maintaining an integrated look and feel.

All three websites were built with a custom WordPress theme that allow for easy in-house updates.

Developed by: Carkeek Studios