Savor Snoqualmie Valley

Savor Snoqualmie Valley celebrates and promotes the local food and farms, arts and culture, heritage, outdoor activities, and independent businesses of the Snoqualmie Valley. Partnering with Carkeek Studios, we designed and developed their website that helps people to connect, learn about and explore the Snoqualmie Valley.

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Project Details

Savor Snoqualmie Valleys web site was designed to promote tourism in the Snoqualmie Valley. Much of content that is featured on the site is centered around venues and events that are connected and cross-referenced in blog posts, maps and itineraries, all encouraging visitors to explore this beautifully rich area. Itinerary pages are built in a way that the page editor can create a list of venues which auto-generate a map that is specific for that itinerary. Pages are designed for maximum usability on mobile screens in order to accommodate users who are actively using their phone in real time while they are exploring the region.

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Developed by: Carkeek Studios

Functional Requirements

  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Responsive web pages
  • Mailchimp newsletter sign-up
  • Custom map with filters
  • Event calendar
  • Administration screens that allows for easy in-house updates
  • Blog